Fragrance House

Fragrance House

Architecture, Lisbon, Portugal

Some secrets are hidden in full view of everyone. That is the case of the building in Travessa do Patrocínio, with its distinctly modern lines, which immediately draw one’s eye, that was developed with architect Luís Rebelo de Andrade. Although it does not blend with the surrounding architecture, its remarkable contemporary aspect successfully manages not to strike a wrong note.

The building is on four floors, and is covered in a vertical garden consisting of about 4.500 plants which depending on the floors, create a panoply of different aromas. In the reception and social areas you smell rosemary; in the bedroom, lavender and in the rooftop swimming-pool, saffron. The building presents a slight curvature that translates the idea behind its construction: it suggests – and this work is a world of suggestions – the crown of a tree. The suggestion lingers even inside the house – the sensation received is that of living the dream of a tree house, which is so common to childhood.

Inside, the most remarkable aspect is the straight staircase, giving key unity to the building and which was influenced by the typical steps of Alfama. The cut-out piece of the roof over the stairwell offers a fat slice of light that bathes the lower floors. The top floor has a swimming-pool placed longitudinally with portholes which both reveal the swimming bodies and serve to shed light into the sitting and dining room. Anyone swimming in that pool feels that it extends over and merges with the silhouette of the houses on Lisbon’s horizon, giving the sensation that one is swimming along the city’s skyline.

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LocationLisbon, Portugal
Type of ProjectPrivate House
Area281 sqm
ClientBWA Group - Buildings with Art
Construction CompanyConstruoeiras, Obras Públicas e Construção Civil
PhotographyFG + SG - Fotografia de Arquitectura
AwardsArchitizer A+ Awards 2014 - Single Family Home, Prémio Valmor 2014 - Honorable Mention

ArchitectureLuís Rebelo de Andrade
Tiago Rebelo de Andrade
Madalena Rebelo de Andrade
Raquel Jorge
Carlos Ruas
Structural ProjectEng. João Pereira Coutinho
Infrastructural ProjectEng. Carlos Baptista
On-Site CoordinationRTNC - Eng. Rui Taborda
Vertical GardensADN Gardens
TextValério Romão

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