We are passionate about everything we do and we never set limits on our creativity. 

The studio

Subvert Studio is an architecture, design and art studio focused on creating unique and unexpected solutions in each project in an increasingly diversified global market.
This approach is our commitment to create art forms in all of our work, our distinctive way of valuing a project and our clients.
With more over ten years of experience, our multidisciplinary team starts from the existing, from our legacy and heritage, to create projects for the future, reflecting a sensible dichotomy between manual, artisanal and industrial thinking. This search for new concepts to each project, to new probable and possible solutions, is what allows us to innovate and to create solutions with unique identities.
Always looking forward, our expertise can be seen in our projects, in national and international publications, and in the awards that we have collected in recent years.

The team

Our team is formed by a group of architects, designers, creatives, storytellers, artists and artisans with different knowledge who seek to find a unique identity in each project. The identity of each project is a fantastic journey that we create. Our never-ceasing search is part of a creative process which, combined with our multidisciplinary team, creates a new experience in each work.
We are passionate about everything we do and we never set limits on our creativity.

The clients

The quality of a project expresses the customer’s will to achieve it.

Each project is unique, regardless of its scale or budget. Client involvement is essential to create a solid working relationship, always based on understanding and mutual trust. In this way we conciliate our work methodology with the goals of those who reach us.

Clients: Ballet Etc; BWA – Building with Arts; Câmara Municipal de Cascais; Câmara Municipal de Lisboa; Casa dos 24; Cincovertis Consultoria; FG+SG; Francisco Lucena Consulting; Fundação Bissaya Barreto; Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian; Gonçalo Leite de Campos & Associados; GRID - Consulting Engineers; Igreja São José dos Carpinteiros Lisboa; Inovar Cascais; Instituto de Psicanálise; Longroiva Hotel & Thermal Spa; Morecco; Museu dos Coches Lisboa; Paralelo Zero; Pinheiro Chagas 76; Poliexport; Portugal dos Pequenitos; Quinta das Lágrimas; Rebelo de Andrade; Semapa; Sonder; Sonagi; West Cliffs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's it like to work in SUBVERT STUDIO?

As everybody in the team says, it’s great! It's demanding, but also exciting. We believe in the responsibility and everyone’s commitment to the projects, everyone in the team trusts one another to achieve the required goals.

How does SUBVERT STUDIO relate to their clients?

Our projects are essential for our future, and we believe our Clients are an important force in our history. Trustworthiness is key, we present our work, we explain it, we listen to suggestions and concerns, we make changes if necessary and always with mutual understanding and accord. Our projects must be viable, otherwise they will hardly get off the drawing board.

Where does SUBVERT STUDIO see their future?

We want to be increasingly relevant, not only in Portugal but in the rest of the world. We want our work to attract attention and inspire everyone. By investing and believing in this path, good things will naturally happen. Success should be considered a consequence, not just a prior goal.

Is Architecture a luxury?

Architecture is not a luxury, it is the basis from which successful interventions and solutions result. The essence of architecture is to naturally shelter, the adequacy of the space to the needs and desires of its users, the ability to provide stimulating, moving and exciting experiences.

Do I really need an Architect? Aren't an engineer or a builder enough?

The Architect is the principal designer, the one who idealizes, disposes, composes spaces, materials and details, perceives light and shadow, adapts the project to its surroundings. Engineering comprises several disciplines necessary for the good functioning of a building, it is fundamental as is Architecture. The constructors build give existence to the developed project. For both to perform well, a basis is required by means of an architectural project developed by a qualified architect, thus providing assistance and team coordination throughout the process, from start to finish.

Do I need to sign a contract?

A contract is always necessary. Contracting can take a simple form by accepting a fee proposal, which contains the scope of works, tasks, rights and obligations of both parties, and the form of remuneration. In more complex projects, it is important to write a dedicated contract, reflecting more rigorously the involvement, obligations and rights of all related parties.

Is your Architecture work based on only drawing lines?

An Architect does not work two-dimensionally, an Architect works the space. It lives on visual elements, but it is up to architecture to develop, direct and organize behaviors and movements, and adapt the space to the human body. A totally new project, or even a change to an already ongoing project, always requires careful attention to ensuing implications. Although sometimes not noticeable, the work and dedication necessary for something to result in the end are always present.

Do you develop a project draft before signing a contract with a Client?

Nobody likes to work in advance, without guarantees. Architects are no different. It is always preferable to hold a prior meeting, in which we show our work and portfolio, and in which expectations are evaluated. A professional relationship should always be preceded by a written and/or contractual agreement.

Are SUBVERT STUDIO architects effective members of the Portuguese Association of Architects?

The question must always be asked because according to legislation in effect, only the full members of the O.A. are allowed to practice architecture. Only applicants with a qualified and recognized academic qualification in Architecture are admitted to O.A. (Portuguese Association of Architects). At SUBVERT STUDIO all architects are effective members of the OA (Ordem dos Arquitectos - Portuguese Association of Architects).

What type of Design work do you do?

We like challenges and we like what we do. The field of application of Design is very wide, and we explore all disciplines that promote the best solution for the project and for the client, i.e., Branding and Graphic Identity, Product Design, Editorial Design, Illustration, Interactive Design, Video, Printing and Web Design.

Is your team prepared for all those Design disciplines?

Our team values the multidisciplinary approach, the different methods and concepts that each person brings to the process and the verification of solutions, in order to find the best creative solution for each project. Our team has a graphic designer, an industrial designer, a 3D artist and a videographer. We naturally live outside our comfort zone, we have a network of external consultants who complement the whole process and help hinging the final solution, making way for unique and powerful results.

Why doing Architecture and Design?

This is essential for the identity of our work. Architecture and Design are a perfect symbiosis, for mutual benefits. This allows our works to present coherence, harmony, participatory speech, cohesion amongst parties for a balanced whole. It is an approach we like to implement to ensure a unique, structured and cohesive reading of the project.

Does your Design work apply only to Architecture?

Our Design work does not apply only to architecture. Our Design work applies whenever there is a new project and a client interested in creating something unique. We have created the Identity and Brand of many institutions, companies and products, developed new Workspaces, stationary and printing materials, Exhibitions, Web Design and Development, and more.

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