Lucena Consulting

Lucena Consulting

Design, Lisboa, Portugal

Lucena Consulting develops communication consulting activity together with its clients who wish to respond, inform and clarify social media about all the questions that may arise and that concern the parties' interest.

Lucena Consulting believes that a society is much more free, transparent and developed the higher the quality of information available to all citizens. In this context Lucena Consulting takes foundation of accuracy and ethics. Code of conduct prevailing in all areas of its activity, the relationship with social media, customers and the market that surrounds it.

We were commissioned to develop its brand - graphic identity, all the printed and digital stationary and finally the website. The result was a solid and coherent image that embraces the firm's mission and statement.

LocationLisboa, Portugal
Type of projectBranding, Identity, Website
ClientFrancisco Lucena
ProductionIndústria Tipográfica de Lisboa

Art and Creative DirectionDiogo Ramalho
Tiago Rebelo de Andrade
DesignDiogo Ramalho
PhotographyTiago Rebelo de Andrade
Web DesignDiogo Ramalho
Web Development Manuel MP

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