Grid Consulting Engineers

Grid Consulting Engineers

Design, Portugal

GRID International is an engineering company, founded in Portugal in 1980. GRID International has consistently led with a strategy focused on technical rigor and innovation throughout its projects. 

The firm commissioned us to develop their new graphic identity. 

Our intention was to reflect the consistency of their expertise into the new image. The result was a solid and bold solution that embodied what they stand for and presented them in a new and creative way.

The firm also commissioned us to design the new firm's brochure, both in paper and digital.

Type of ProjectIdentity, Print, Website
ClientGRID - Consulting Engineers
ProductionIndústria Portuguesa de Tipografia

Art and Creative DirectionDiogo Ramalho
Tiago Rebelo de Andrade
DesignDiogo Ramalho
Website DesignDiogo Ramalho
Website DevelopmentManuel MP

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