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Morecco is a portuguese fashion label that just launched its brand and first collection. The label’s aim is to develop timeless and lasting pieces, and this collection is a first glimpse into the brand and its visual identity.

Based in Lisbon Portugal, Morecco was created by Sofia Cardoso and João Magalhães as their debut in design and production of clothing. With backgrounds in business, fashion and architecture, combined with a strong personal and visual aesthetic, their team has designed a first collection based around different concepts of accessories, which illustrates the brands devotion to the finest materials and quality of execution.

The core inspiration for their collection derives from multiple sources, be it people and ideas we admire, to more concrete concepts such as the silks and colours of the far east. They intend this as a first glimpse into the brand and visual they intended to define and promote, adding from season to season a greater variety of products so as to further represent their ethos. Ready-to-wear, swimwear, jewellery and fragrance are all within their plans for the future, based around the promotion of the highest in quality, finish, material and trim, in order to create items which they hope their customers will find timeless and, with care, last a lifetime.

Our inspiration in creating the brands identity was to express this timeless nature and ambition.

Subvert Studio also designed Morecco's digital and printed invitation for the brand's S/S 2017 runway at London Fashion Week. Following the collection main inspirations and colour palettes, we created an abstract artwork that would capture and illustrate the brand's spirit for the collection. Together with this, we experimented with mettalic shades using blue and bronze stamping foil on the printed version.

Type of ProjectBranding, Identity, Website, Print
ProductionIndústria Portuguesa de Tipografia

Art and Creative DirectionDiogo Ramalho
DesignDiogo Ramalho
PhotographyMatilde Travassos

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