Moda Lisboa SS16

Moda Lisboa SS16

Architecture, Lisboa, Portugal

The architectural object is located in Praça do Município de Lisboa, and is intended for a temporary occupation of the WonderRoom of ModaLisboa SS16.

In the proposed solution, we opted for a single volume, of circular plan, that surrounds the pillory, in the center of the square. The volume consists of a set of 19 metallic structural sheets, coated with golden mirrored acrylic plates. The installation is assumed to be a volume of self-supporting structure, with a maximum height of 10 meters from the old chamber, and 5 meters high at the opposite point. It develops in a radial area around the pillory, with the program comprising entrance, bar and a set of 19 covered exhibitors.

The project envisages the creation of internal infrastructures in the installation, such as points of light and electricity. The total area of ​​the intervention is 385 sqm. It is also intended to mount lighting for night use and located on the sides of each of the blades that configure the exterior volume of the installation.

The entrance to the access point and contact with the old chamber is marked, emphasizing the various routes and the visual relationship with Praça do Comércio. The architectural solution intends to create a strong impact on the intervention area and within the context of the event, creating a game of reflections and transparencies, either by the color or the coating material, also mirroring the surroundings.

The installation is open to the outside, emphasizing the permeability of paths in the installation and a strong relationship between the outside and the inside.

LocationLisbon, Portugal
Type of projectInstallation
Area385 sqm
ClientModa Lisboa

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