Hotel in Rua do Ouro

Hotel in Rua do Ouro

Interiors, Lisbon, Portugal

The uncharacterized state of the building was an important motto for defining the identity of this project. Major changes were made on the ground floor and 6th floor, such as replacing the original metric of the spans that clashed on the facade, to alter materials, in order to revalue the building, returning its initial elements, for a more imposing image.

The ground floor spaces are the Hotel reception, the living areas and the restaurant. The interior design in this space aims to invite those who circulate on the street to enter and visit the Hotel.

It is intended an ennobling environment that provides a series of stimuli to the visitor. To this end, the strategy was to assemble a program, theme, textures, colors, light and shadow in a synthesis that makes this space unique.

The materials and the lights can have the effect we are looking for, but so does the program. On the ground floor we propose a restaurant without visual divisions with the kitchen, living areas and entrance to the Hotel. It is a desire to include the visitor in the experience of the space where he is, a symbiotic experience through the artistic creations that the chef’s will make at their work table. Essential in the dynamics of this space, the kitchen is defined as a participatory one, highlighting the wall behind the operations area with a themed mural of extinct or endangered animals, like a picture hanging in the room. This theme has a repercussion throughout the space, be it in decoration, lightning nad other objects.

The tones are a subtle approximation to natural colors: green, gold, brown, which allow a feeling of immersion in this space. The application of green is a provocation that seeks a plasticism that is not defined by limits and plans, but by a game of shadow, light, and reflection. The decorative elements and furniture are from the Moooi brand, essential in defining the desired environment.

The Hotel in Rua do Ouro is a project designed by Rebelo de Andrade Studio, while Subvert Studio - with Luís Rebelo de Andrade - worked on the interior design of the ground floor, that holds the restaurant and entrance of the Hotel 

LocationLisbon, Portugal
Type of projectHotel
Area of construction341,23 sqm
ClientRebelo de Andrade
3DRebelo de Andrade and Subvert Studio

ArchitectureLuís Rebelo de Andrade
Rita Serra e Silva
Raquel Jorge
Interior DesignLuís Rebelo de Andrade
Tiago Rebelo de Andrade
Paulo Cruz

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