Apartment in Restelo

Apartment in Restelo

Interiors, Lisbon, Portugal

Apartamento no Restelo is located on the top floor of a building that integrates a closed condominium in Restelo and was acquired with the aim of becoming the client's home.

Beyond the dated materiality that visually bothered us, it is a 195m2 apartment (gross area) that seemed smaller than it really was. The great potential that we saw in this intervention was to end this idea of a misleading scale: we demolished a series of walls that designed a labyrinthine circuit, distorting the entire scale that it presented.

Thus, we promote the regularity of the space and its permeability while maintaining the infrastructures in the same place. The strategy was to create a constant skin that connects the entire space: gray panels. This skin includes what we want to work on: space, providing it a plastic and scenic feature.

We maintain the bathrooms, regularizing their implantation so that they create a clear barrier between daytime and nighttime spaces. The daytime space does not have any walls to separate, just furniture that guides people's paths and movements. The night space, as it needs a more private aspect, is divided into four rooms.

This permeable solution allows the customer a series of routes in his home, as well as the creation of different environments: a corridor that can accommodate works of art, or that can end with a piece of art, a seating area for guests, among others.

LocationLisbon, Portugal
Type of projectPrivate House
Area195 sqm
Construction CompanyC3VM - Engenharia e Construção, Lda
PhotographyTiago Rebelo de Andrade

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