GLC & Associados Graphic

GLC & Associados Graphic

Design, Portugal

Gonçalo Leite de Campos & Associados is a restructured legal law firm with an extensive background in advising on highly complex tax issues, providing accurate, creative and tailor-made solutions for each client.

The firm commissioned us to develop their new identity - space and graphic image. Our intention was to reflect the consistency of their expertise into the new image. The result was a solid and bold solution that embodied what they stand for and presented them in a new creative way.

Type of ProjectBranding, Identity, Website
ClientGonçalo Leite de Campos & Associados
ProductionIndústria Portuguesa de Tipografia

Art and Creative DirectionDiogo Ramalho
Tiago Rebelo de Andrade
DesignDiogo Ramalho
PhotographyTiago Rebelo de Andrade
Web DesignDiogo Ramalho
Web DevelopmentManuel MP

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